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College Admissions Bulletin Service


Our College Admissions Bulletin Service (CABS) is a free notification and reminder service to help college-bound high school students and their parents stay on top of college admissions deadlines and requirements.

The notifications are grade-specific. For instance, a junior might get a reminder about an upcoming  SAT deadline, while a senior might get a notification about an upcoming financial aid deadline.

Freshmen and sophomores will get fewer reminders, since there are fewer time-sensitive dates and deadlines during those years, but they will still receive occasional grade-specific tips and reminders. Parents are welcome to enroll, and parents with multiple students often enroll more than once (e.g. once for a sophomore and once for a senior).


How it works

CABS utilizes two notification methods—text and email—and we recommend enrolling in both simultaneously.

Here's what to expect from each notification method:

  • Text - short, grade-specific text reminders about important dates, deadlines, and requirements.
  • Email - a list of upcoming deadlines, plus more detailed, grade-specific advice and recommendations.

We try to keep the text notifications confined to important deadlines (nobody wants to get a barrage of texts they can't use). The number of reminder texts we send will vary by class and time of year. A freshman will get very few, but a senior in the middle of application season might get a few per week.


How to enroll

Enrolling is very simple: you text your 4-digit graduation year to 31996 just as you'd send a normal text to a normal phone number. For instance, if you graduate in 2021, you'd send those four digits to 31996.

You'll receive a confirmation text immediately. That means you are enrolled in the text notification portion of CABS.

Shortly after that, you will receive a second text inviting you to enroll in the email notifications portion of CABS as well. If you want to enroll, simply reply to this text with your email address.

That's it! You're enrolled!


How to withdraw

We recommend you remain enrolled through the end of your senior year. You can withdraw from CABS anytime you want, however. To cancel text notifications, simply reply to any of our texts with the word "stop." To cancel email notifications, follow the instructions at the bottom of any of our email notifications.

If you change numbers or email addresses, you will need to re-enroll in CABS.